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and advise in matters of peat

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Why peat?

Die Moore prägen die Identität der von ihnen eingenommenen Landschaften in besonderer Weise. Die meisten Moorflächen in Deutschland haben heute nur noch sehr wenig mit ihrem ursprünglichen Erscheinungsbild gemein. Entwässerung, Kultivierung und landwirtschaftliche Nutzung haben das Landschaftsbild von mehr als zwei Drittel der deutschen Moore völlig verändert.

We advice 

peat applications

peat for beds and gardens
peat for farmers
peat mining
special black peat


We advice you in all questions concerning packaging. Whether it is a Special product or the construction of machine parks - you are at the right place.


We also find the right machine if you want to dose your product when filling - as required fully or semi-automatically.


Whether solid or liquid, whether coarse or fine - grained, whether solid or fragile - our experts will find the right solution for your rpoduct.

packaging solutions

arobatec offers complete solutions for peat packaging with the following components:

  • Feed hopper
  • Mixed media
  • Dosing
  • Packing machine (also baler up to 14to)
  • Printer and label technology
  • Top- or low-level palletizer
  • Wrapper or hood stretcherThe above-mentioned components can be implemented individually or as a complete system and installed in a coordinated manner. Together with you, our experts work out the best solution for your product and your requirements, and as a general contractor, arobatec assumes overall responsibility for the overall realization.